Immunology Group

Over the years, this research group led by Prof. África González Fernández has developed several projects funded by Europe, the Spanish and Galician governments, foundations and also by private enterprises. Due to its wide network within the health sector and the international research community the group has held several international and national collaborations.


Inmunology Group, August 2017

Inmunology Group, August 2017

Currently the group is focused on different research lines:

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Vaccines
  3. Nanomedicine
  4. Biosensing
  5. Immunotherapy
  6. Aquaculture
  7. Theoretical immunology


  1. Monoclonal antibody production. Hybridoma technology (mice immunization, cell culture)
  2. Monoclonal antibody obtaining by Phage display (bacteria and phage culture, selection of specific clones, purification of selected phages)
  3. Cell culture of different cell lines
  4. ELISAs (Direct, Indirect, Competitive)
  6. Cytokine production by luminex
  7. Immunohistochemistry
  8. Immunofluorescense
  9. Protein expression and purification
  10. Cell purification (Magnetic Separation, Density gradient, Sorting)
  11. Cell marker expression analysis and sorting by flow cytometry
  12. Cloning
  13. PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR
  14. Bioinformatics analysis
  15. DNA, RNA, miRNA purification
  16. Generation of patient derived xenograft (PDX)
  17. Microarrays, Transcriptomes and Ig/TCR repertoire profiling by deep sequencing
  18. Lateral flow
  19. SDS-PAGE
  20. Blots (Dot-Blot, Western blot, Northen blot)
  21. Cytotoxicity analysis (ROS production, MTT, MTS, BrDu-Proliferation)
  22. Mathematical modelling of dynamical systems with ODEs
  23. Numerical simulation of dynamical systems
  24. Cellular Automata simulation of dynamical systems
  25. Diversity analysis

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