Jezabel Varadé López

Research associate

986 812 626

Dr. Jezabel Varadé is specialized in Genetics during her bachelor degree in Biology (2005, Universidad Complutense de Madrid). She completed her PhD in December 2009, her dissertation dealt with the study of different candidate genes involved in the development of Rheumatoid Arthritis and its role in the development of other autoimmune diseases. It was graded as Excellent “cum laude” and awarded with the Extraordinary PhD Award of the Spanish Royal National Acadeher of Medicine.

After graduation, she did her first postdoctoral period in the Dr. Urcelay laboratory (2010-2014). During this time, she was co-supervisor for one undergraduate student final degree Project, five Master Thesis Project, and one Thesis Project. Her research in this period was focused on Multiple Sclerosis, its genetics and how different polymorphisms could alter gene expression and after receive funding by competitive calls from the Mutua Madrileña she started to work in her own research project in the field of epigenetics. She also participated in several multicentric studies.

In 2015, she started a research stage in Prof. Hammarström’s laboratory at the Karolinska Institutet. Here she had the opportunity to increase her knowledge in epigenetics and immune mediated diseases, and received training in bioinformatics.

In 2017, she joined Prof. Gonzalez’s research group at CINBIO. Her current and future interest is focused in determine the molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of complex diseases through OMICS integration analysis.

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