Method for cell identification and quantification with gold nanoparticles through hydrogen ion reduction

International Publication Number: WO/2010/055183 A1    (20/05/2010)
International Application Number: PCT/ES2009/070489    (10/11/2009)

Applicants: Fundació Privada Institu Catalá de Nanotecnología / Universidade de Vigo

Inventors: Arben Merkoçi, Alfredo de la Escosura Muñiz, África González Fernández, Belén Díaz Freitas, Christian Sánchez Espinel

Licenced to LEITAT Technological Center

The method for cell identification and quantification comprises bonding specific surface proteins of cells immobilised on the surface of the electrochemical transducer with specific antibodies conjugated with gold nanoparticles, and subsequent nanoparticle detection and quantification through hydrogen generation catalysed by said nanoparticles at an appropriate potential. It furthermore comprises the application thereof in a method of diagnosis and/or prognosis of a disease involving the expression of cell-surface proteins and the corresponding kits.

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