Nanoimmunotech is born from the cooperation of the Immunology Group from the Biomedical Research Center (CINBIO) of Vigo and the Nanoscience Institute of Aragón (INA) within a CONSOLIDER project called NANOBIOMED, obtaining the reputed award for “Best Business Biotechnological Project 2008”.

They produce and sell high quality nanoparticles and are experts in oriented bioconjugation of these nanoparticles to any kind of biomolecule (antibodies, enzymes, DNA, RNA, small drugs, fluorophores…), meaning higher specificity and sensitivity in your immunoassays. This specific know-how, has led them to develop highly specific biosensors, based on the heat generated by gold nanoprisms when irradiated with an external light source. Their HEATSENS technology is characterized by greater specificity, greater sensitivity and reduced analysis time, resulting in greater flexibility and lower costs, which can be applied in any sector needing to detect an analyte present in low concentrations.