Recent publications of the Immunology Group

Synergistic Effect of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles on Cell Viability and Activation of MAP Kinases and NFκB

International Journal of Molecular Sciences

This study developed by Ángela Dávila, Lara Diego, África González and Rosana Simón shows that the combination of different nanoparticles (Nps) modifies the toxicity of the individual Nps. Hence, the synergistic/antagonistic effect should be considered in the cases of accidental or intended use to achieve a more realistic characterization of the potential beneficial or harmful effects of Nps. This has special relevance for occupational risk assessment. The characterization of the Np mixtures at different doses is also important in order to detect any possible change in the biological effect exerted by the co-exposition.

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Polymeric Nanocapsules for Vaccine Delivery: Influence of the Polymeric Shell on the Interaction With the Immune System

Frontiers in Immunology

Three members from the Immunology Group (Mercedes Peleteiro, Rosana Simón and África González) have contributed to this recent paper published in collaboration with the CIMUS (University of Santiago de Compostela).

The systematic analysis performed in this study provides valuable information regarding the feasibility of modulating the immunostimulatory properties of polymeric nanocapsules (NCs) by selecting the nature of the polymer shell.

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