The Immunology group is part of the AERoGELS Cost Action

The Horizon2020-funded COST Action (ref. 18125) AERoGELS was launched in Brussels and 36 countries have confirmed their participation.

42 members of the Management Committee have participated in the kick-off meeting of the project entitled Advanced Engineering and Research of aeroGels for Environment and Life Sciences.

AERoGELS is intended to bring together the knowledge on research and technology of aerogels at the European level from academia, industry and regulatory experts.

The full potential of these special class of nanostructured mesoporous materials are still to be assessed for various additional applications. In this Action, the use of aerogels will be specifically explored in the context of environmental and life sciences applications, and the Immunology group will participate in the toxicity and risk assessment working group.

AERoGELS COST ACTION 18125 will set a forum to disseminate knowledge to society and to train European young researchers on research, innovation and entrepreneurial skills via technical schools, publications and STSM exchanges.

Rosana Simón, Research Associate of the Immunology group is member of the Management Committee in Spain.