3rd CINBIO Annual Meeting

This year the topic of the 3rd CINBIO Annual Meeting is «From Bench to Bedside: Diagnosis, Therapy & Data Analysis» and will take place at the Faculty of Science, University of Vigo, 1st & 2nd July, 2019.

Like previous annual meetings of CINBIO, this year are organized two plenary talks given by Jesús Martínez de la Fuente (Aragón Materials Science Institute – ICMA) and Fátima Al-Shahrour (Bioinformatics Unit – CNIO) together with different contributions about scientific topics of special interest in eight invited sessions.

Rosana Simón-Vázquez, member of the Immunology group, is part of the Organizing and Scientific Committees.

Olivia Estévez Martínez participates in the Day 1 – Sesion 2 with the Short Talk Differential gene expression analysis for the identification of different TB infection profiles”.

Some members of the Immunology group present the posters:

«Biological properties of gold and silver nanoparticles from green synthesis». Authors: N. González-Ballesteros, L. Diego-González, R. Simón-Vázquez, M. Lastra-Valdor and M.C. Rodríguez-Argüelles.

«Changes in lung transcriptomic profile driven by a novel tuberculosis nanovaccine».Authors: Amparo Martínez-Pérez, Ana Igea, Olivia Estévez-Martínez, Catarina M. Ferreira, Rajko Reljic, Mahavir Singh, António G. Castro,  Egídio Torrado, África González-Fernández.