Proteómica avanzada y biología de sistemas para el estudio de la alergia alimentaria

Reference: Q08
Funding Entity: Fundación Areces
Coordinator: Mónica Carrera Mouriño (CSIC)
Principal Investigator: Dr. África González Fernández
Duration: 01/06/2015 – 31/12/2018

Working group:

Dr. Luiz Stark Aroeira (former member)
Dr. Susana Magadán Mompó


This is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary project that reunites cutting edge Proteomic and Biology Systems approaches that will be applied to reach a better comprehension of the molecular basis of the fish allergies. Fish allergies are the third cause of food allergy worldwide. Thus, the two main objectives of this project are:

Advanced proteomic of antigen epitopes for peptide vaccine design.

System Biology: In-Silico modeling of fish allergy.

The results obtained at this project are expected to be used by scientific organizations, pharmaceutical industries and Healthcare centres for the identification and use of new pharmacology and therapeutic targets (vaccines).


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