41st Congress of the Spanish Society for Immunology




The 41st Congress of the Spanish Society for Immunology will be held in Sevilla from May 30th to June 1st, 2019.

África González Fernández, as President of the Society and part of the Scientific Commitee, will moderate the Plenary session:«Inmunidad innata. Inflamación» on May 30th.

Two of our youngest PhD students at the Immunology group will present the results from their work within the EMI-TB project.

Lara Diego González participates in the Oral session: Terapias avanzadas, vacunas e inmunidad anti-infecciosa  with her talk «Design of intranasal vaccines based on polymeric nanocapsules for the development of a tuberculosis vaccine».

After her, Amparo Martínez Fernández will give the talk tittled «Changes in the immune phenotype driven by a novel tuberculosis nanovaccine: analysis in the short and long-term».